The last few shots of summer. Taken in Eastern Ontario.

Sunflowers! Sunflowers everywhere! And all kinds of different varieties. I met a wonderful farmer named Kristie on this adventure and she introduced me to her sunflower farm. We toured all the different varieties she grew, with more still to come later in the fall. Kristie also said I could venture wherever I liked and with it being later in the day, I had the entire field to myself- which is every photographer's dream.  We were also blessed with a beautifully dramatic sunset at the same time, making the experience that much more special. If you are ever in Kars, ON, stop by and see Kristie at Key's Sunflowers. You won't regret it!

Summer Flowers- Summerstown, ON. Mid July 2018..

Omega Park- Montebello, QC. Early July 2018.

A Merlin. Nesting peacefully. Shot from a great distance.

Fun with Sparklers- Cornwall, ON. Slow shutter speeds and sparkling light make for fun photography!

LouLou Lavender- Williamstown, ON. I had to opportunity to visit this farm and photograph their lavender field. They had different varieties of lavender as well! A great experience with super friendly people.

Canada Day fireworks- taken in Long Sault, ON.

Bon Echo Provincial Park- Cloyne, ON. The Indigenous Pictographs are approximately 300-1000 years old. 

RCMP Musical Ride -taken in Cornwall, ON

Spring 2018: random photos from various locations in Eastern Ontario. Everything from trilliums, barred owls, geese, chipmunks, painted turtles, muskrats and much more.